James – Lost in Thought

My boyfriend James seemed to have a somber moment to himself one weekend while I was randomly taking photos. Out of the few dozen I took over those few days, this is my favorite.


Claudia – Hand Doodle

My niece Claudia loves to draw and finds her skin to be an acceptable canvas quite often. She came home from school with this on her hands, saying that it took about two hours to draw.


Little Jed – Pout

My nephew again, refusing to lift his head up, as if he knew I wanted to take a picture of him. It still came out nicely, even if he was pouting at me the whole time.


Luna – In Trouble

This is La Luna, or Luna for short, my niece’s husky. While generally a good dog, she does get in trouble every now and then. Here you can see the result of my niece scowling at her for chasing the cat.


Little Jed

This is my nephew Jed, named after his father, though I call him “Jack”. Despite being cute, he is extremely hard to photograph, though I was lucky to grab this shot.