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Guinness – Old Woman

This is Guinness, my sister’s dog, a hardy old bitch who doesn’t take anything from anyone or anything. She has her fair share of stories, including a summer in the sun where her nose ended up becoming burnt. Despite it happening years ago, her nose has never quite healed.


Luna – In Trouble

This is La Luna, or Luna for short, my niece’s husky. While generally a good dog, she does get in trouble every now and then. Here you can see the result of my niece scowling at her for chasing the cat.


Little Jed

This is my nephew Jed, named after his father, though I call him “Jack”. Despite being cute, he is extremely hard to photograph, though I was lucky to grab this shot.


Kimahri – God Cat

This is Kimahri, my friends’ first cat together. He is amazingly photogenic and provided me with many shots that I’m extremely happy with.