Nakiri – Stare

Nakiri again with that no-love stare. This little girl does not forget, let alone forgive, easily. Maybe I’ll be able to get better pictures of her soon.


Nakiri – Disgusted

This is Nakiri, and she is never happy with me. Being my friends’ cat, I’ve had to help give her medicine in the past and I’m pretty sure she still holds it against me, hence the look.


Kimahri – Profile

Kimahri again, this time showing off his name tag. I love photographing him because of just what I can get out of an hour of shooting.


Claudia – Hand Doodle

My niece Claudia loves to draw and finds her skin to be an acceptable canvas quite often. She came home from school with this on her hands, saying that it took about two hours to draw.


Shirley – Uncaring

For a dog who is always making some sort of sound to tell you how she’s doing or what she’s thinking, to see Shirley with such an uncaring face was priceless.


Leonidas – Relax

Another picture of Leo, just waking up from a nap, relaxing near what little sun was coming through the window. You can still see the amazing detail in his eyes.


Leonidas – Those Eyes

This is Leonidas, or Leo for short. He has always been a pain to get a good picture of but for once, he sat still long enough to capture just how beautiful his eyes are.


Little Jed – Pout

My nephew again, refusing to lift his head up, as if he knew I wanted to take a picture of him. It still came out nicely, even if he was pouting at me the whole time.


Harper – Sunsoaker

This is Harper, a cat a former roommate had but abandoned when they left. Harper took quickly to the house and the family. One of the few days it was sunny and slightly warm, she was determined to sunbathe all day, and sunbathe she did.


Guinness – Old Woman

This is Guinness, my sister’s dog, a hardy old bitch who doesn’t take anything from anyone or anything. She has her fair share of stories, including a summer in the sun where her nose ended up becoming burnt. Despite it happening years ago, her nose has never quite healed.